Preserving Family Memories – Strategies and Tactics

Lecture Series
Sunday, February 17th: 2:00 PM

Alexis Braun Marks, the Archivist for Eastern Michigan University will lead this seminar and discussion on researching and preserving family history.

Ms. Braun-Marks is joined by Dr.Brown-Chappell who began her family research in 1988 and continues to the present. She will share the challenges and success she experienced as she researched her family history.

Mr. Lennard will return to the Clinton Arts Center adding his experience bringing family history alive at the Lenawee County Historical Museum. Telling the story of family history shapes and creates our not only ourselves and family but also our community.

Betty Brown-Chappell, PhD, LMSW, MSW

Author of the book, Open Secrets: A poor person’s life in higher education, Dr. Brown-Chappell was a full Professor in the School of Social Work where she taught courses on social welfare policy and gerontology until her retirement in 2013. She also served as Associate Director of the Eastern Michigan University (EMU) Honors College with the responsibility to direct the McNair Scholars Program.

As the Honors Advisor in the School of Social Work, Dr. Brown-Chappell assisted numerous students to achieve their goal of graduation with honors. The Brown-Chappell Scholarship in the amount of $1000 annually was endowed by the family for Honors students in 2012.  For her contributions to the profession of social work at all levels of government, service to the Charles Wright Museum of African American History and for contributions to Honors in Social Work, she was named the 2012 Martin Luther King Humanitarian of the Year by EMU.

Dr. Brown-Chappell’s research and administrative work have been discussed in such media as Ebony Magazine, New York Times, Michigan Chronicle, Detroit Free Press, Ann Arbor News, and the Chicago Defender; she has also appeared on local and national television and radio shows.

Alexis Braun Marks

Alexis Braun Marks is a Certified Archivist and has been the University Archivist at Eastern Michigan University since 2011. Prior to that, she was the Archivist at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History in Detroit, a post she held for three years. She is always looking for ways to do more with less and sharing her expertise with others. Although a permanent transplant to Michigan as of 2007, her mother and grandmother were both born and raised in Kalamazoo, and she has fond memories of spending summers in Michigan.

Ray Lennard

Mr. Lennard is back at the Clinton Arts Center teaming up with Dr. Brown-Chappell and Ms. Braun-Marks to engage in a lively discussion on preserving family history. Lenawee County native Ray Lennard is the curator of the William G. Thompson House Museum in Hudson, Michigan.  He serves as the president of the Lenawee County Civil War Roundtable and as Vice President of the Lenawee County Historical Society.  The author 4 books on local history, his “Lenawee County in the Civil War” (2016 - The History Press) is the most recent publication.  Mr. Lennard co-wrote the latest exhibit at the Lenawee County Historical Museum in Adrian on the antislavery movement in Lenawee County, which opens in July 2018.  Currently, he is researching the role of the Adrian Industrial Home for Girls for a future publication.