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Ruth Knoll


Ruth Knoll has over 30 years of experience working on large, collaborative, community-based projects.  With a keen knowledge of the arts, education, and expertise in 501(c)3 start-ups, Ruth’s experience serves the Clinton Arts Center and the greater Clinton Village community through her passion for economic development. In her free time, Ruth enjoys working with clay and glass, dabbling in gardening and traveling with her family. Ruth received a BS in Computer Science from the University of Michigan.  She has two children, Andrew and Hannah, both graduates of Kalamazoo College.


Anat Shiftan

Board Member

Anat Shiftan studied English Literature and Philosophy (BA 1980) at the Hebrew University, ceramics at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design (1980 -1982), Eastern Michigan University (MA 1984), and at Cranbrook Academy of Art and Design (MFA 1986).  Shiftan worked at Pewabic Pottery in Detroit, Michigan (1986 to 1999) as an Instructor, Production Manager, Senior Designer and Director of Education. She also taught at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design (1999-2002) and has been teaching ceramics since 2003 at SUNY New Paltz, NY, where she is currently head of the Ceramics Program.

Awards and other career highlights:

Shiftan received the Michigan Grant for Individual Artists twice and exhibited her work extensively. Shiftan has also collaboratively organized Contemporary Issues in Clay: A British Perspective, (2006) and Why Clay (2008), and organized Beyond Hand Made (2008), all symposiums examining theoretical, social, and economic trends as the context in which creative practice in the visual arts occurs today.

Link to examples of artwork:

Dorris Kemner

Board Member

Bill VanTuyle

Board Member