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Raku Firing


Jane White

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Raku is a very exciting and hands-on firing technique. It involves an outdoor, fast firing that is full of drama. The kiln is fired to about 1900 degrees Fahrenheit until glazes are molten. The hot ware is removed with tongs and placed in combustible materials, and covered as flames flare up. A pyromaniacs dream! The smokey and reduced (no oxygen) environment around the ware creates a variety of colorful and flashy effects. There is some degree of chance in results, as the effects are dependent to a large degree, on the flame patterns and pockets of oxygen in the combustion chamber. Every piece is a unique result of raku firing.

There will be a variety of forms available to choose at an additional cost of $10 - $25 per piece, or you can bring your own bisque ware, with firing space for one piece defined as taking 4" x 4 " of floor space in the kiln. The cost of the class includes firing space for one piece, a variety of glazes, discussion of firing and the ceramic process. If there is room in the kilns, additional pieces can be fired at $0.25 x longest dimension.

Some bisque ware is not appropriate for raku firing. Porcelain, terra cotta, thick, and uneven ware is at higher risk of cracking. We will plan the loads to ensure low risk to those types of pieces, by putting them in the first loads which take longer to fire or firing by slower. All the raku pieces are decorative and not appropriate for food service.

Wear clothes that can get dirty. You will probably leave smelling like smoke. Bring work gloves. If you want to participate in the kiln or reduction process, do not wear synthetics, shorts ( bare legs), or open-toed shoes. Long hair must be tied back. Contact lenses should not be worn, if working with fire.

It is not necessary to work closely with the hot kilns and ware. If you just want to observe and cheer on the process, that is very appreciated. However, everyone will be expected to participate in preparations, tracking, loading kilns, and clean-up during the class time.
The goal of the class ( besides a load of fun and drama) is to come away with the knowledge of ceramic processes, the variables in raku, and how to control them.

If the class day is windy or rainy, the class will be postponed until the following weekend, same time.


Go east on US 12, turn left onto McCollum, turn left onto Fisk. Use the second driveway on the right and proceed to the pole barn behind the house.

Included Materials

Fire, glazes, protection equipment.

Session One

August 23
6:00 pm - 10:00 pm

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