Ceramics Department


Our goal is to assist you in exploring the possibilities of ceramics because creating with clay enlivens the Mind and energizes the Spirit.  We have a passion for studio endeavors and want to share it with you. We do that by providing tools and space, materials, instruction, supportive environment, and opportunities to pursue your maker goals. The energy you bring into the studio is just as important as what we might be able to provide to you. We look forward to having you work with us in the studio.
All Classes Include or Offer Access to:
  • Rovin Ceramics Clay Bodies
  • Brent CXC Wheels
  • Giffen Grip and Strong Arm
  • Variety of Bats in Multiple Sizes
  • Blue Star Extruder with 30 Dies
  • Hand Extruder with Handle Dies
  • Variety of Molds
  • Microwave
  • Spray Booth
  • Drying Cabinet
  • Vertical Slab Roller
  • Rubber Wheel Grinder
  • Tile Saw
  • Wet Ware Shelving
  • Private Student Shelf
  • Hand Clay Tools
  • Texture, Number, & Alphabet Stamps
  • Complete Glaze Lab

Ceramics: Slip & Sip

Enjoy wine or beer, each others company, and putting color down on your new, favorite mug.

One & Done: Boxes

We are going to create boxes with hard slab clay and embellish the surface with colored slip.

Throwing on Potters Wheel

Throwing clay on the wheel is a very challenging and absorbing activity. Focus in this class will be learning skills needed to throw basic forms.

Kids Ceramics

Come join us for a self-directed project!

One & Done: Platters & Tiles

Let’s get on the potter’s wheel to make slabs into platters or tile that can hang on the wall! 

Raku Firing

Raku is a very exciting and hands-on firing technique.  It involves an outdoor, fast firing that is full of drama.

One & Done: Mug, Bowl, or Vase

We will play with pattern and texture on a soft slab of clay and turn it into a tactile and visual treat.


In this 3 week class, we will use basic building and glazing techniques that can provide a lifetime of fun and exploration.

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