Glass Department

Classes & Workshops

Glass is a very interesting and beautiful material to work with.  It can be transparent, translucent or opaque.  It can be used to make practical, sculptural or decorative objects as well as architectural elements.  Our goal in the glass studio is to help you learn about the characteristics of glass and how to work with it.  We provide instruction and a supportive environment to help you realize your vision of what you want to create. We are equipped for stained glass, fused glass, kiln formed glass, pâte de Verre, glass casting, murrine and cane pulling, lampworking, bead-making, and cutting and polishing glass.  Our new state of the art studio has what you need to help you achieve your goals.

We are also a Bullseye Glass Distributor and you can purchase the glass you need for your projects.

The classes and studio offers access to:

  • Flat lap grinder
  • Glass grinders
  • Wet belt sander
  • Rociprolap
  • Diamond wet saw
  • Glass Kilns
    • Evenheat Pro 41
    • Evenheat Pro 24
    • Paragon Caldera
    • Small annealing/enameling kilns
    • Vitrograph kiln
  • Glass cutting tools
  • Hand-lapping tools
  • Glass slumping molds
  • Lightboxes
  • Stained glass tools
  • Nortel Mega Minor Torches
  • Lampworking & Bead making tools
  • Sandblaster

Intro & Beginner Classes

Beginners will have classes with a direct, hands-on learning experience, aimed at making you comfortable and inspired to use the studio independently, outside of class time, and enjoy work-playing with clay.

Beginning Fused Glass

This class will introduce you to the basics of fusing glass.

Kids Fused Glass Dish

Come have fun making your very own glass dish.  Students will decorate a piece of clear glass with colored pieces, strips, and dots of glass.

Glass Bead Making

Students will learn to use a torch, hot glass tools, and glass rods to create unique, one of a kind beads which they can use to create their own jewelry designs.

All About Glass

Beginners to experienced are welcome.

Friday Night Out: Fused Glass Dish

Glass fusing is fun and easy.  Choose your colors, learn to cut your pieces, and assemble them into a design for a dish.

Stained Glass

Capture light and color by creating a beautiful stained glass piece.

Kids Glass Happy Hippos

Come make your own Happy Hippo that is sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face.  Learn how to cut and shape glass to prepare it for fusing.

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