Kids Camp

2018 Kids Summer Camps

Clinton Art Center camps for kids, ages 8-14 years old, are full of hands-on projects, exploring a variety of art materials including clay, glass, metal, fiber arts, mixed media, painting, and drawing.  We provide art instruction, but also encourage experimentation and exploration of the different materials.  Each day is packed with fantastic projects and fun!

Week 1 –

Fantastic Fibers

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Week 2 –

The Four Elements: Earth

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Week 3 –

The Four Elements: Fire

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Week 4 –

The Four Elements: Air

Can you see air?  Can you feel it?  How do you know it is there?

Week 5 –

The Four Elements: Water

Get creative making water-related artworks in a variety of different materials.

Week 6 –

Foodie Fest

This week is sure to whet your appetite!  Food has been a popular theme in art throughout history.

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