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Approaching the Moment: Images from Three Continents

Lecture Series
March 24th, 2019 2:00 PM


Approaching the Moment: Images from Three Continents

Don Werthmann reveals his thinking process while looking in the viewfinder, and enjoys offering insights and answers to questions regarding the practice of photographing in the urban landscape. What are some of the thought processes and intrinsic questions that a photographer typically encounters when working in the street, and amongst the chaos of the everyday? When is the right moment to release the shutter to produce what we consider is the most poetic and expressive response?

Attend this presentation to garner some ideas and practices, and learn how to create images that are not only personally meaningful but suitable for publication. Don’s intentions are to dispel the myth that photographs are produced with a single click of the shutter by displaying several frames and moments that lead to the production of an image in a publication. In other words, a photograph viewed in its final presentation context is rarely from a single shot — regardless of the genre. Find out how and why.

Don Werthmann Photography Instructor Washtenaw Community College

Don Werthmann is a Professional Photography Faculty member in the Digital Media Arts Department at Washtenaw Community College, in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Ranging across thirty years his career is immersed in photography and education. His professional teaching career includes the film & digital eras, augmented with web design & development, and lighting for film & video. He is a Department Co-Chair of Digital Media Arts that is inclusive of six technical and creative disciplines: Audio | 3D Animation | Graphic Design | Photography | Video | Web Development.

As a Michigan native, his passion and appreciation for various forms of visual art and art history emerged when he was a teenager, which eventually led him to earn B.F.A. and M.A. degrees in Photography from Wayne State University, in Detroit. Immediately after obtaining his undergraduate degree in the mid-1980s, he worked as a freelance camera and lighting assistant in commercial, automotive studios in the Detroit area, producing national-level print advertisements & catalogs for many well-renowned auto companies.

In the early 2000’s Don was a Visiting Scholar at The Japan Center for Michigan Universities, in Hikone, teaching photography study abroad courses with American students. In 2018, he leads a photography study abroad course with American students to Global Education Oregon [GEO] campuses in Segovia and Oviedo, Spain.

As an artist, Don is a practitioner in the genre of lyric documentary as his images are infused with curiosity, the lyricism of everyday life, and a naturally unfolding tapestry of events presented to the camera. He also enjoys producing expressive portraiture in the studio and on-location.

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