Today was the first full day of the Project for Public Spaces Placemaking conference. It started at 9:00 am and we arrived back home about 9:30 this evening. I’m tired.

My head is spinning from all of the information and great people we have met. It will take me a few days to digest it all and produce a coherent document of what we have learned that we can apply to Clinton Arts Center in the context of the Village of Clinton.

In the meantime, please know that the Clinton Arts Center is a world-class project that I am proud and proud of the people who are working hard to make this project a success. I am looking forward to crafting a presentation for next year’s conference about the beginning formative years of the CAC.

The Michigan Municipal League and the Michigan Economic Development Corporation were both here presenting a project that the State of Michigan is working on. So far Michigan is the only state that has presented the placemaking projects at the conference.

So for another glimpse of Amsterdam, we had to wait for a bicycle/pedestrian rotating bridge to open and close this morning on our way to the conference. It was quite a site and very thought to provoke to realize that this bridge is for pedestrian and bicycle traffic only. Two barges and a tugboat needed to pass under the bridge.