Today found us taking a walking tour of a renovated tram barn called the Dehallen project.

Two ladies from the neighborhood near the project and Marianne Kieft, Gebiedsmakelaar Kinkerstraat, toured us around the project and explained how the project developed.  A Gebiedsmakelaar is an area broker or a link between residents, governments, and companies. I gather that it is a government position and they are heavily involved with the development of the DeHallen project. Kinkerstraat is the name of the street where the DeHallen project is as well as the open air market.
There are many boutique stores, the public library, food court, restrooms, and an underground bicycle parking structure. This is a fantastic place to hang out, shop, eat and read. It was many years in the making and is still under development.
The conversation and meetings with all the different groups of people to make this happen took many many years. There was much money put into the project from both public and private funds. The Dutch government is committed to community projects and renovation of monumental buildings to serve new functions.
Here are the indoor swimming pool and bar – a great place for kids and adults to hang out together.
I would think that when the weather is nasty, this will be a fun place to be.
The area around the DeHallen project is also a developing area. There is a large open-air market, places to sit and new specialty shops going in. This one serves french fries and croquettes – aka tater tots only – very specialized.
I finally say a place to fix flat bicycle tires: