Nancy and I took an expedition to a town named Mulheim an der Ruhr. This is a destination that has been on Nancy’s bucket list for the past few decades. She will have to tell you her story behind this.
We took a speeding train from Amsterdam to Mulheim an der Ruhr Sunday morning with the greatest of ease arriving in Mulheim about 10:30 in the morning. Nothing to it. Picked up a cab and started our visit. Now just remember that this is Sunday, and Mulheim and Clinton have a lot in common – nothing much is open on Sunday and Monday. Also no one, by and large, speaks English and we don’t speak German. Google maps for navigation is a blessing.
Mulheim a. d. Ruhr is a small town of 167,000 sandwiched between Essen, population 500,000 plus,  and Oberhausen  200,000 plus. Mulheim an der Ruhr is large enough to sport its own castle, modern art museum, and a reviving main street. Sunday we walked over 19,000 steps on forced marches discovering the quaint scenes and finding top-rated restaurants in the city. We did find one bakery that did nothing good for the waistline and required repeat visits. It was indeed the old lady meet up location.
The art museum was open on Sunday – a good family outing for Sundays.
They had a selection of Wassily Kandinsky paintings, Walter Gramatte, Abendlicher Kopf, and a special show of Emil Nolde’s works.
And, of course, there were bicycles, but not nearly as many as Amsterdam.