Today I took myself to the Dutch Resistance Museum. Not a great place to take pictures. It proved thoughtful and provoking for me. I have a very different feeling now being in Amsterdam. After seeing the buildings that we have walked past in pictures in the Museum the war is very real. It has given me a real and sickening sense of the war standing in the spots where the Nazis’s were knowing exactly what happened. I do not understand how people can have war as an option for settling differences.
The museum also had a new developing display on the Russian Gulags. The research of their reality is just beginning. The race is on now between the research and cleansing of history.
I purchased the book: Eva’s Story by Eva Schloss, step sister to Anne Frank. Eva and her mother survived the Holocaust where Anne Frank did not.  It is very moving.
The rest of the day I walked around looking at the sites in another area of Amsterdam.
The day included a lesson in planting bulbs at the local zoo:
How to carry a cello and a child on a bicycle. So far I have seen two cellos and several guitars on bicycles.
How to cross the street:
A family outing:
I hooked up with Nancy and Hannah for dinner and beer. We went to the ostrich brewery. They use the ostrich as the logo on their beer. It makes no sense at all until the third beer and then it is perfectly clear why they use the ostrich.