This morning started out sunny and beautiful. A good day to explore boats on our way the the Hermitage, Amsterdam. Many of the boats are people’s homes. Many of them don’t appear to have moved in a very long time. I’m really not sure at all how Reinwater would move being double parked.
After such a heavy morning at the Hermitage, Hannah decided that we needed to go out for classic Dutch pancakes. She found Europe’s smallest restaurant that serves fresh, hot pancakes. This place is really small. Has about 5 tables with chairs for about 18 people. What makes it a real attraction is the staircase. It is two flights of stairs almost straight up. You have to wait at the bottom for people to come out before you can go up to see if there is a table available. There was but the wait was about 40 minutes. The place is always full and there is always a wait.
We took ourselves on an exploration of the area waiting for our table to become ready. We went to the used book store. I was impressed with the number of books in English.
I figure that the natural consequences of distracted driving are brutal in Amsterdam.
So back to the smallest restaurant in Europe for some of the best pancakes in Europe – Honey and brie and poached pears in brandy cinnamon and orange with bacon.
Total delight –
The entire kitchen.
We departed to wander around Amsterdam and see the sites: