This is our last day in Amsterdam. We have one goal – to procure a suitcase. We went over with 3 and are coming home with 4. That is all I am going to say about it, others can fess up if they like.
These are just random pictures of the day wondering around looking for the afore stated item. It was a fun trip. It was great to share it with Hannah and Nancy – truly the best part.
Three tourists and 4 suitcases fit in the same S-class Mercedes Benz inspite of the trepidation of the same driver who delivered us to Prinsengracht 604 two weeks earlier. We arrived at the airport with plenty of time to make it through the 16 levels of security. Shiphol Airport takes security very seriously. And then repeats its over and over. At the last security check before boarding the plane, Hannah was selected for yet another full search. It was fun watching Hannah stair blankly in the air while the security matron called her name: Ms. KahNoll – Ms. KahNoll. Hannah passed with flying colors and we winged our way home on Saturday.